Questions and Answers for Lenders

Answers to frequently-asked questions

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In which states do you provide default resolution services?

Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington.


What level of bonding and insurance do you carry?

We carry $15 million (per occurrence) in Fidelity and Errors and Omissions insurance.


How do you stay current on new policies and regulations governing foreclosure?

We track a number of state legislative and attorney Web sites that provide us details of pending legislation. We consult with attorneys and underwriters in the Fidelity National Title Group to discuss the implications of changing legislation for our business, and that of our clients. We also actively participate in trade associations to understand the evolving regulatory and policy landscape.


Do you have plans to expand to more markets?

Our expansion plans are driven by our clients’ requirements for service. As new coverage requirements are identified by clients, we establish the business case for expansion, research regulatory requirements and recruit employees to manage local operations in that state.